Well, hello there! Welcome to this blog which is dedicated to the novel Strongholds. I was thinking about what we can do here, and it occurred to me this would be a perfect place for those who have read the book and want to talk about some of the things you’ve read.

In fact, this is a great place for you to ask questions of me, the author. Of course, there are some questions I may not answer. I generally tell people when I write a novel, I work extremely hard to make the reader’s experience one that is fun, engaging, and enjoyable among other things. I don’t like too much information on the back of my novels because sometimes it gives away something that may ruin the read for the reader. I want you to enjoy.

So, if you want to comment on your read of Strongholds, feel free to do so here. When I’ve been in the presence of book clubs and others discussing this book (throwing in things from Blessed Trinity and even some of my previous books), I usually ask which character was a favorite (even the villains need to be appreciated for their role so I don’t have a problem when people appreciate some of the characters who have serious flaws).

Which character(s) did you enjoy? Which character got on your nerves? How did Strongholds affect you? What message did you take away after you finished reading the book?

Now, you know there was book 1, Blessed Trinity, (if you haven’t read it yet, then make sure you pick it up and give it a read). And September 30, 2008, you’ll get the opportunity to read book 3. It’s called If Memory Serves, and I want you to get ready for a heart-gripping ride!

Vanessa Davis Griggs



The Blessed Trinity Trilogy saga now continues…with Book 2 by bestselling Christian author, Vanessa Davis Griggs

From Vanessa Davis Griggs comes the second book in her Blessed Trinity Trilogy. Part Terry McMillan, part Jan Karon, Griggs delivers the story of a congregation hoping for heaven–while dealing with life right here on earth…

When Pastor George Landris, the dreadlock-wearing minister of the new mega-church, Followers of Jesus Faith Worship Center, urges his congregation to approach the altar and cast off their strongholds–also known as their weaknesses–it’s the start of intense soul-searching for many.

From a married couple’s twin addictions to gambling and gluttony, to a female member’s adulterous affair, a computer expert’s obsession with cyber-porn and a therapist’s workaholism, the Pastor’s church family is about to open the proverbial floodgates. And that’s just the beginning.

There’s also the woman whose battle with mental illness hides a buried trauma, and the religious devotee who’s so busy fearing the devil she’s forgotten what faith is really about. The plot only thickens when the Pastor’s wife lightens his load by helping him counsel–and finds herself at the center of a decades-long deception.

Insightful, witty, and always poignant, Vanessa Davis Griggs delivers another compelling novel, taking readers behind the scenes of mega-churches, and showing the amazing power that redemption and faith can have on people’s lives.